Michigan Corporation


A Michigan Corporation is simple and cheap to form.  The benefits can include the protection of  personal assets, in some cases, but not all.  A single shareholder and officer of a corporation seeking a corporate bank loan should not be surprised if the banker wants him/her to put up his/her house as collateral for a business loan.  A corporation will not shield a shareholder from his/her own negligence either.  There can be tax benefits; contact a CPA to find out if a Subchapter "S" Corporation or a "C" corporation is your best bet.  Every body has a different set of facts and a CPA will offer different advise to different people.


Articles of Incorporation


This form is a little outdated because of the address change if you want to file the Articles of Incorporation in person.  The new address for the fancy new offices of the Corporation Division is 2501 Woodlake Circle, Okemos, Michigan if you want to hand carry in your paperwork to the the state.  If you are mailing your paperwork in to the state use the P.O. Box address stated on the form.  The new phone number is (517) 231-6470.


Is your chosen name available?  Call to find out if you can name your corporation with your choice before you send in your paperwork and money.


Corporation By-Laws, First Shareholder and Board of Directors Minutes


Corporations are required to have By-Laws, the shareholder(s) required to appoint a board of directors and a resolution of the board of directors is required appointing the corporate officers.  This paperwork should be customized for your corporation.  


If you would like an attorney to help complete this paperwork and prepare customized By-Laws for your corporation please contact David Justian, Attorney at Law sending him an e-mail.  Just click on the e-mail address at the left side of this screen.  The fee for this legal service is $75.00.