Divorce-No Kids

In order to get this popular site up, LawThing.com is starting with those divorces without children.  If you have children be patient, it will be a while before the necessary forms are created.  By the way, have you and your spouse tried counseling with a social worker or pastor?  Of course you have, it didn't work out and that's why you are at this particular site.   People get divorced, a lot of people, and it's not your fault.  By the way, Michigan is a "no fault" divorce state and you do not have to fault your spouse for anything before you file the Complaint for Divorce.


The first form for you to fill out is the Summons.  It has the title "Summons and Complaint" because no one gets served with a Summons unless there is a Complaint stapled to it.  The actual Complaint is the last form on this page.




After you print the above Summons you now print off the actual Divorce Complaint.  Here it is.   When your forms are filled out bring the filing fee ($150.00 in Michigan) and three copies to the Circuit Court Clerk at the county courthouse or 'hall of justice'.  They will give you another form to fill out from the State of Michigan.  It is really simple and only asks a couple of questions, such as the wifes name before the marriage and how many times each has been married before the present marriage.  No worries.


If you would like an attorney to help with filling out these forms please contactl David Justian, Attorney at Law, by clicking on the e-mail address (Freelaw@lawthing.com) on the left side of this screen.  The fee for this legal service is $75.00.