Eviction-Step Three, the Judgment

The Judgment form, use it for all Landlord-Tenant cases


Don't fill out the judgment form before you get to the courthouse.  Meet with the tenant in the hall outside of the courtroom and try to get the tenant to 'consent' to give you possession and agree to the amount they owe you.  Have them sign the judgment, if possible, and go into the courtroom.  When your name is called you can both go up and tell the judge you have a consent judgment.  If the tenant does not want to consent go through your figures with the judge and he will tell you what to put in the blank spaces.


Once you get a judgment, you may not be done yet.  If your tenant still doesn't move out, go to Step Four.  


Judgment for Possession  


If you would like David R. Justian, Attorney at Law, to help you with filling out these forms the charge for legal services is $75.00 at each step.  Contact  him by clicking on the e-mail address at the left side of this screen.