Eviction-Step One, the 7 day Notice

Eviction-Step One, the 7 Day Notice


There are three (3) different types of a Notice To Quit for renters or trespassers.


1.  Failure to Pay Rent:  There is a 7 Day Notice To Quit for failing to pay rent. 


2.  Keeping an unhealthy place or trashing the place:  There is a different Notice To Quit if your renter is trashing the place or making it unhealthy. 


3There is no lease with the Renter and you want them out.  There is a Notice To Terminate Tenancy if someone is in your rental unit but they don't have a lease (they are a 'holdover') or simply stayed behind after the renter has left (maybe a sub-tenant or stay-over guest of your former renter). 


4,  The Renters are using or selling Drugs.  There is a fourth type of Notice To Quit or Terminate Tenancy and that is if you have someone in your rental unit using or selling drugs, but try to prove it.  So, that form isn't here.  Heck with it.  If you can prove someone is selling or using drugs, call the police.


Choose the Correct Notice to Quit that suits your situation and personally deliver it to any adult who is in the rental unit.  An older kid may be good enough if can't get an adult at home.   Also mail a copy first class.  You don't need to mail it registered or certified.


If you would like David R. Justian, Attorney at Law, to help you with filling out these forms the charge for legal services is $75.00 at each step.  Contact  him by clicking on the e-mail address at the left side of this screen.



  • NON PAYMENT OF RENT 7 DAY NOTICE (21 KB) -- Use this Notice To Quit Form If Your Renter Is late in Rent payments. It gives them seven (7) days to pay the rent up-to-date or leave. If they don't pay the full rent then you fill out the Summons and Complaint to get an Order of Eviction.
  • Terminate Destructive Renters (24 KB) -- This Notice To Quit Form is for Renters are paying rent on-time but are injuring your rental unit or yard and you want them to leave.
  • Terminate non-lease Renters (23 KB) -- Use this Notice to Quit Form where there is no written lease, such as when the Renter is month-to-month and you just want them to leave, for any or no reason.