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David Justian, an attorney, due to medical reasons and retirement found himself facing a change of financial circumstances that made his mortgage payments unsustainable. He saw HAMP as a way to allow his family to stay in their home, now "under water" by almost 50%. The 'service provider' set up numerous road blocks to stop us from being accepted for HAMP. To see some of the tricks played by 'service providers' to stop you from being accepted into HAMP, see


Unfortunately, getting qualified and then accepted into HAMP is only the beginning of the rough and heartless treatment by 'service providers'. After you have finished your promised 3 month "Trial Period" (for which they often do not send written confirmation) you find that your trial period is extended and then extended again and at the end the illusory 3 month trial period, your promised "permanent modification" is denied. Or, your 'file' is sold or transferred to a different 'service provider' which sends you a Foreclosure letter and tells you that you have to start all over again to get into HAMP, or accept "their" own special plan (designed for your failure due to its unsustainability). They don't tell you that once you accept "their" plan, you are never allowed to reapply for HAMP. FIGHT BACK AGAINST CROOKED SERVICE PROVIDERS ! Join the Mod Squad Strike Force, click on the Mod Squad Strike Force Weapon tab above now...


It may be hard to believe, but lawyers and the law have two sides of the same coin. There are lawyers and laws that are there to help you. Many lawyers have "free initial" consultation. Call one, its free. Tell them what you are doing and show them the paperwork you would like to file in small claims court. You may be happily surprised. In most states lawyers can get their attorney fees fighting for the little guy who's being wrongfully taken advantage of by the big guys. Your lawyer will have suggestions for you that will make your legal weapon, the law, much more powerful. For crying out loud, please call a lawyer !


The legal forms on this site are for informational purposes.  Use of legal forms, such as those found on this site, can result in unintended injury and harmful consequences.  If you proceed beyond this page and use the legal forms that you find on this site you thereby agree not to sue either or David Justian for those injuries and harmful consequences and also agree to hold them harmless.  This is lawyer talk meaning,since all the forms are free, you get what you paid for and when you use them you agree not to sue us for any injury or harmful consequences that result from your use of the forms and will take the heat and liabilities away from and David Justian as your own.