Living Will & Patient Advocate Form

The Living Will is a directive to the doctors and hospital to let you 'go', to avoid keeping you alive by artificial means.  It protects the sensibilites of the doctors and the hospital who want to keep you alive at all costs (as long as there is insurance to pay for their efforts).  The doctors and the hospital want some protection against your relatives if they complain that the doctors and hospital didn't do enough to keep you alive.


The Patient Advocate form is also known as a "Power of Attorney for Health Care".  This form is HIPAA compliant.  You don't need to know, nor do you care, what that means, but the doctors and hospital need to know that your patient advocate is authorized to receive certain information about you so that your patient advocate can make life and death decisions about you when you are unable to make decisions for yourself.  Like all legal forms, your decisions in this matter are very important.  But, don't take all day and don't lose any sleep over your decision.


If you would like an attorney to help you fill out either or both of these forms contact David Justian, Attorney at Law, at the e-mail address at the left side of this screen:  The fee for this legal service is $75.00 per document.