Real Estate & Land Contract Forms

The Purchase Agreement form at the bottom of this page can be used if you are selling your own home.


The Land Contract form, also at the bottom of this page, can be used if you are selling your home by land contract. By the way, the seller is the "vendor" and the buyer is the "vendee".  You'll be tested on this so remember it well.


The Quit Claim Deed, at the bottom of this site, is used when you are transferring any rights or interests you have or may have in real estate.  For example, you want to add your children to your ownership of your house or transfer your home to a living trust.


The Warranty Deed, most Land Contracts require the selling vendor to give the buying vendee a Warranty Deed, also found at the bottom of this page. By giving a Warranty Deed you guarantee that you are transferring the whole darn title to the real estate.


Laws Requiring Certain Terminology:  Both of the Michigan deeds on this site can be used for platted city or subdivision lots as well as for parcels in or near farm land and parcels large enough to be divided again.  The language of both of the deeds comply with the mandatory language of both the Land Division Act and the Right To Farm Act even though the terms are not required for some transfers.   


Title Insurance:  Caveat; Do not buy real estate unless you have obtained title insurance.  Italicized words, like caveat, are Latin words lawyers like to use, along with priests and doctors who also use Latin terms.  Caveat means, "beware".  If you buy real real estate without title insurance be prepared to be shocked and poorer for the experience.  Caveat.


How To Do A Land Contract Forfeiture


The tab with all the forms you need for a land contract forfeiture is at the left hand side of this screen.  This is a whole legal kit for land contract forfeiture.



If you would like to have a lawyer help you with any of these documents contact David R. Justian, Attorney at Law, at at the left side of this screen.  The legal fee is $75.00 for per document.